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These are some of the concerns and guidelines for anyone who is wondering if one of our trips is for them?

I suggest that a hike or 1 night Backpack trip might be the way to start. A lot of these people that participate started out this way. Some of these items  might seem harsh or restrictive at first but believe me, after a few bad experiences you will agree with them and want to add a few more. We are out there to have a good time, relax and enjoy what the natural environment has to offer. We want all people to get along and be aware that we are out there as a group and concerned about the safety of those involved. That is what these rules are for.

1 … know Your physical capability and limitations and remain within those limitations. Do not take on a trip you know you are not capable of completing, it impacts the whole group

2 …Let the leader know as soon as possible if you are going, if no one signs up it will be canceled. (Back Pack trips usually have a limit of 10) If you cancel, do so as soon as possible so some one else can go.

3…You are responsible for getting to the starting point or Trail Head, we try to car pool and share expenses.

4…Be on Time (early)

5…Have the necessary gear. don’t know.?? Ask the leader??

6 ...Illegal activities are not tolerated !!!

7…Radios are other equipment must have earphones and not disturb others. (Most people go for the solitude not a concert)…. NO FIREARMS!!!

8 … Dogs will be considered but remember that he is your dog, not the groups! This will be up to the Leader !!

9 …When we camp we try to leave it as it was with no or low impact.

10…Follow the Recommendations of the leader and don’t get ahead or behind the group. Leave something on the trail if you have to get off for whatever reason.

11. Remember you are part of a group, tell the Leader about a Problem. We try to help one another.

12 ..You are responsible for your self and your actions. I and those participating in an event will not be held libel or responsible for any thing that may happen or effect you in any way.

13 .. A parent must accompany anyone under the age of 18!!

14..Alcohol is not a substitute for a energy Bar or Food, We don't drink and hike for a lot of the same reasons you don't drink and drive.!!